Since its inception in 1927, Podar Education Network has been committed to social causes, supporting the marginalized and underprivileged section of society. Podar Education Network's commitment to social causes is an on-going exercise, ensuring that the group can give as much back to society as possible.

Podar Charity Kitchen at Mumbai

Podar Education Network set up an industrial kitchen at Sewri, Mumbai to provide meals to the homeless and destitute.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Podar Charity Kitchen provided over 600 plates of wholesome meals each day to quarantined patients and frontline workers such as government officials, doctors, para-medics, etc. Overall, the kitchen provided almost 40,000 plates of food during the lockdown period from 1st April 2020 to 1st July 2020.

Podar Charity Kitchen at Mumbai


Over the year the Trust has partnered with leading non-governmental organisations such as CRY (Child Rights & You) which works for the welfare of the underprivileged children.

Podar Education Network along with CRY (Child Rights and You) have supported a program in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, helping the Pardhi community establish child welfare systems in education and healthcare. A total of 3045 children of 1681 families staying in 12 villages of Ahmednagar district have benefited from this program.

As part of volunteer engagement, CRY organized a campaign #YellowFellow event at Podar Education Complex (Parel) to raise benefit for the rights of children. The campaign gave an opportunity to all the employees to relive their childhood by engaging in awareness building games while standing up for the Rights of the children.

CRY Organization Event at Podar

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